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Spinal Rehabilitation consists of passive (stretching) and active exercise. Stretching helps reduce muscle tension, increase range of motion, develop body awareness and prevent muscle strain during active rehab. Active exercise helps strengthen the muscles which support the spine, and promotes postural alignment. Spinal rehabilitation is very important for helping patients regain full function of the neck and back. It incorporates motion and resistance which then trains the muscles and encourages joints to function more fully during normal daily activities.

Spinal rehabilitation is also very effective in recovery from injury when used in conjunction with chiropractic adjustments. A comprehensive rehabilitation plan for musculoskeletal injuries is composed of the acute, recovery and functional phases. Exercise, in its various forms, is an integral part of all three phases. In most instances rehabilitation begins immediately after injury to minimize the effects of inability and speed up the return to pre-injury status. There is no doubt that strengthening can aid in restoring an injured neck and or back to pre-injury function. The overall goal of rehab is to help return injured spines to full function, and to return each patient to full participation in daily activities. A spinal rehabilitation program will improve strength and endurance, as well as minimize the risk of long-term problems.

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“I came in because I had extreme pain and was unable to move my right arm. After the first treatment it was amazing, I was able to move. I was so surprised that this worked! My chiropractic results are great! I love them!”

- Sharon C.

“Baldwin Chiropractic is an excellent office! From the first day I walked through the door the atmosphere and people have been so positive and helpful. They dealt with all the paperwork and claim management.. This office has a lot to offer and I always look forward to coming in for my appointment.”

- Randy A.

“My back problem came on suddenly and I came here ASAP! I have done chiropractic for years. It was great I can now walk, sit and move without pain. I have enjoyed chiropractic and its benefits. Chiropractic care gave me my mobility back, when I first came in, I could hardly walk and sit.”

- M. M.

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