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- Dr. Baldwin, Dr. Courtney, Dr. Mike, & Dr. Kelly

"When I first came in for care I was experiencing constant lower back pain with occasional sharp, piercing pains. It had gotten so bad that I couldn’t do ordinary tasks such as getting dressed without discomfort, let alone softball or golf. Even a sneeze would cause so much pain that I would brace myself for the coming stinging down my back.

Previously I would give myself time to self heal by limiting the things I would do and taking a few Advil with the hope it would go away. Unfortunately, that meant missing out on a lot of things I enjoyed doing.

The pain got to the point where I felt I needed to seek professional help because what I was doing wasn’t working. I didn’t even know if what I was doing could be making it worse. I knew that if I just kept taking pills to ease the pain it wouldn’t fix the cause and that it wasn’t the path I wanted to go down.

The doctor recommended three visits a week with adjustments for the first few weeks. He also gave me some tips on stretching the back, basic back care and heating and cooling of the area affected.

After the past six weeks of treatments my back feels like it is 10 years younger. The sharp, piercing pains have gone away, sneezing no longer aggravates my back, and I can pickup an hold my son. I’m looking forward to continued healing benefits of future sessions.

I never went to a chiropractor before because of the fear that it would cause more pain and ultimately make things worse. I really had nothing to base my fear off other than what I heard and saw on TV and movies of how they snap your neck and contort your body. But I was pleasantly surprised by the gentleness of the whole thing. I was able to lie down on a comfortable table and be adjusted through mild persuasion. With the exception of some really old music over the PA system every now and then the whole experience has been wonderful.

I have been fully converted to the benefits Chiropractors have on the bodies overall health and well-being. I encourage others who were like me to make the investment in themselves and enjoy the benefits of what a Chiropractor can do for them."

- Brian B.

"I came in because I had extreme pain and was unable to move my right arm. After the first treatment it was amazing, I was able to move. I was so surprised that this worked! My chiropractic results are great! I love them!"

- Sharon C.

"I had lower back pain, leg pain and couldn’t walk or sit hardly at all. The pain was awful. My back problem came on suddenly and I came here ASAP! I have done chiropractic for years. It was great I can now walk, sit and move without pain. I have enjoyed chiropractic and its benefits. Chiropractic care gave me my mobility back, when I first came in, I could hardly walk and sit. Now I have my old self back."

- M. M.

"I was barely able to walk, I couldn’t sleep or doing anything else. I had been taking pain pills which just covered up the problem instead of treating it. I wanted the problem solved! My results have been great. I am able to walk and can go on with my life pain free. I feel blessed that I found such a good caring chiropractic office that actually helped me."

- Travis H.

"I first came into Baldwin Chiropractic due to being hurt on the job. The pain was so bad that I was unable to walk., sit, and even lay without being in some sort of pain in my lower back. Of course I thought that I could just deal with the pain on my own, but the lower back progressively started getting worse. At that point I knew it was time to seek some professional help.

I’ve experienced chiropractic care in the past and knew what wonders chiropractors could help you achieve with pain management. I am now walking straight and I am currently back to work full time. The doctors are definitely getting me back to my normal state.

Baldwin Chiropractic is an excellent office! From the first day I walked through the door the atmosphere and people have been so positive and helpful. They dealt with all the paperwork and claim management. They even taught me exercises I could perform to help strengthen my back. This office has a lot to offer and I always look forward to coming in for my appointments!"

- Randy A.


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